Tutor Subject: Biology

Biology is the study of life and life processes, from the smallest biological molecules, through organ systems and the variety of organisms on the planet, to the largest ecosystems and habitats where these organisms live and interact.

As such a huge subject area, Biology gives a fascinating range of knowledge and insight into not only how other species survive, but also the mysterious workings of our own body.

Up to age 14 you are introduced to various basic aspects of organisms and how life works, and from GCSE onwards through A Level you add more technical concepts and details that provide more understanding, giving more interest and stimulus to the subject.

Biology leads towards careers in research, fieldwork, analysis and medicine, to name a few possibilities. The development of antibiotics, vaccination and genetically modified organisms have all come about due to Biological Science, and there is a huge amount still to discover!

During studies you will develop the ability to learn, recall and organise large amounts of information, and will improve your ability to analyse data and evaluate conclusions based on the data, so will be better able to spot ‘bad science’ whenever you see it around you and in the media (a common occurrence).

For higher studies, to get on to a biology-related degree there is obviously variation between what the different universities require, but you will usually need at least two A Levels, including Biology and preferably Chemistry, as there is considerable overlap between the two subjects. You are also likely to need at least five GCSEs including Science, English and Maths.

For more information on the subject, including new articles and helpful advice, visit: the Royal Society of Biology website

Biology is a very real and living subject and studying this subject is extremely interesting and can be great fun. It can also tell us a great deal about ourselves.

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Featured Tutor: Em

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I offer individual and small groups tutoring for Science GCSE (double and triple) and Biology A-Level. I have 15 years teaching experience as Head of Biology, Head of House and KS3 Science coordinator. I’m currently a team leader for Edexcel triple Biology GCSE and have been an examiner for AQA, OCR and Edexcel for 14 …

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Students and parents have offered positive feedback from the results attained after my tuition including a great improvement in their grade and confidence. I find I can relate to students in a calm and patient manner and I have enjoyed helping them through difficulties with their subjects. I endeavour to find and solve the problems …

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Saurabh graduated from Imperial College, London with a 2.1 in Chemical Engineering. After his graduation, he taught English with the British Council in Shanghai for a year. He pursued a Master’s degree in Mathematical Trading and Finance from CASS Business School (Distinction). He has worked for 10 years in the financial industry in the Commodities …

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Featured Tutor: Richard

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Tutoring is my main job these days. I teach yoga as well. I dinghy sail and spend time walking with my Jack Russell terriers. From your point of view the important things are that I have lots of experience and so know how varied are the ways people approach learning, and I am relaxed. I …

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I am a professional tutor in Maths and Sciences available for short and long-term arrangements. Experienced in tutoring a wide range of ages (7 to 40+) from KS3 through to A-level and beyond, a patient and thorough tutoring style with a proven record of success. I am a qualified teacher, having completed my PGCE course …

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Featured Tutor: Christine

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An enthusiastic and motivated BSc Honours graduate from St George’s University of London, currently studying for my MSc Cardiac Physiology degree at Middlesex University and working as a full-time Cardiac Physiologist with the NHS. Tutoring for 4 years, I have a vivid passion to share my knowledge and motivate others in their learning. Throughout these …