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Your UCAS application…

 How a personal tutor can help…

We can provide tutors that can help individual students across the university and higher education application process. A good personal statement highlighting a potential student’s unique outlook and skill set is the first step to being accepted by the university or higher education facility you have chosen.

A personal statement has a limit of 4,000 characters, so it is paramount that a personal statement is focused, relevant, shows the individuals positive attributes and strengths, as well as being clear and concise.

It is always good for a student to ask for advice or get a parent or teacher to look over their personal statement, however a personal tutor can advise and help a student write their personal statement right from the beginning of the process. Our tutors know what university admissions are looking for, so can direct a student in the right direction from the first step, through multiple re-drafts to their final draft and application.


Top tip:

A good personal statement:

• don’t waste the 4,000 characters

• use clear, plain English

• avoid clichés

• be original – UCAS’ software scans all personal statements for plagiarism

• redraft multiple times until it’s right

The jump from college to university…

The transition from A-level to a degree can be a daunting prospect, not only can it mean living away from home for the first time, having to make new friends in a new town, managing bills and budget. But once you get your head round this you will discover two things:

1. University is a lot tougher than college


2. You will have a lot more free time. This may sound great; however, it means a lot more responsibility on you.

You will be given a much higher work load and extra reading materials (all at a much higher level), and be expected to make contributions to classes and group activity without being prompted to do so.

The onus is much more on you during your degree, and this will only increase through this period and furthermore if you choose to continue your education after; such as a masters or PhD.

A personal tutor can advise on the best way to manage this new workload, help you through this process, not only in significant academic improvement (i.e. through advice and help with class and exam preparation, coursework and essay writing skills, etc.) but also through personal motivation; ultimately driving towards a self-reliance, and maintaining these standards after improvement.


Essay or dissertation support…

This can be valuable for students at university level who may need additional support in marshalling and presenting information. The determining principle in such situations is always that the tutor provides guidance, feedback and support to the student.

A personal tutor can help a student feel prepared for upcoming exams, provide support with coursework and final dissertation; whether it be through short-term tuition prior to an exam, focusing on intensive revision, organisation, great study tips and a boost in confidence. Or long-term tuition that can help drive significant academic improvement across the course of a degree, instilling a work ethic, which can ultimately help work towards a student’s self-reliance, and provide a foundation in-order to achieve their long-term goals.

For further information or to enquire about personal tuition please complete our enquiry form to provide us with all the initial details required, or feel free to call on 0800 862 0603.