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Psychology is defined as the scientific study of mind and behaviour. It is about trying to understand human beings, what makes them tick, and why they behave as they do. It is a relatively new science, with most advances happening over the past 150 years. However, its origins can be traced back to the philosophers of ancient Greece.

It can be studied at GCSE, A Level, Degree and Post Graduate levels and is one of the most popular student subject choices. It fits well alongside both Arts and Sciences on study programmes. Unlike a number of other subjects, entrance to a Psychology degree course does not necessarily require any previous qualification in the subject.

It is useful in almost all career paths since most jobs involve dealing with people. Trained psychologists who qualify further following a degree course, work in a range of areas including education, prisons, forensics, mental health and sport.

The following link is a useful introduction to psychology Simply Psychology

Psychology is a very real and living subject. People are not simple but they are often extremely interesting and studying them in a systematic, scientific way can be great fun. It can also tell us a great deal about ourselves.

Featured tutor Ruby, tutor number TTT973

Featured Tutor: Ruby

Location: Skype tuition only

I have been a professional tutor for the past six years, having been consistently tutoring whilst completing my degree in Classics at Cambridge, and after graduating from university. My tutoring has varied enormously from successfully assisting numerous students with their Oxbridge Humanities applications, A level, Primary and GCSE assistance in English and other Humanities subjects. …

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Featured Tutor: John

Location: Lowestoft and also offers Skype tuition

I studied a variety of subjects at university, includingEnglish, Psychology, European History and Statistics. I’m known for being a calm and patient tutor, able to teach material in the way that best suits the student I’m working with. I have over seven years of experience as a tutor in the United Kingdom and Canada, helping …

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Featured Tutor: Bill

Location: Skype tuition only

I have taught in a very successful comprehensive secondary academy in Barnet for 23 years. I have taught all aspects of KS3 and GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics to pupils of all abilities, and A level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. During that time I have worked as an A level examiner and moderator for two …

Featured tutor Elizabeth, tutor number 1037

Featured Tutor: Elizabeth

Subjects: Psychology
Location: Norwich

I am an experienced Psychology tutor and lecturer, having taught the subject at a several different levels over the last thirty years, whilst raising my own four children. I have delivered GCSE, AS, A level and degree courses in state and private schools, further education colleges and universities, both in the UK and in Europe. …

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