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Why use a personal tutor?

Having one-to-one tuition can be a very effective way to support university students with their studies. Subject to availability, we are usually able to find you a tutor for most of the subjects taught at UK universities.

A personal tutor can advise students as to the best way to manage their workload and this can help make a significant improvement to their academic performance. As well as offering advice and guidance, a tutor will be able to help with class and exam preparation, essays and dissertation writing skills, etc. This will help students to become a self-reliant learner, which will improve performance up to the exam period and hopefully get the result desired.

There are a number of good reasons for choosing to use a tutor, including:

  • Catch-up support To catch up if they have for some reason fallen behind (e.g. due to a period of illness).
  • Confidence building To help students to build their confidence, either for a specific subject/s or to build their confidence as an independent learner.
  • Subject specific support To provide tailored support for a student who wants to excel (or who is struggling) with an important part of their studies.
  • Study skills support At university, students are expected to be fully independent learners. Sometimes this is where some students struggle to adapt, and when one-to-one tuition can be most helpful.
  • Learning difficulties To provide tailored support for a student who is struggling, due to having a specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia or dyscalculia or other types of learning difficulties (see our Special Education Needs page).
  • Exam preparation To support and prepare students for their exam/s qualifications, for which obtaining the right results can be critical in determining what further study (and/or career) options are going to be available to them.
  • Essay or dissertation support This can be valuable for students at university level who may need additional support in marshalling and presenting information.

You can also take a look our Top Ten Study Tips for a good head start.

For further information or to enquire about personal tuition please complete our enquiry form to provide us with all the initial details required, or feel free to call on 0800 862 0603