Tutor Subject: Economics

Economics is a subject that is important to all A-level subjects. It encourages the development of an agile and versatile mind. It enables students with different strengths to enjoy new avenues of thought and knowledge. It facilitates exciting ways of learning and is essentially a stepping stone to further study for a variety of subjects at University.

Lessons are fun and challenging; often fiery and topical and always full of character and discussion. You will develop an understanding of economic concepts and theories through the study of current economic matters, problems and institutions.

You will examine issues like competitive markets and uncover the reasons why some markets fail. You will expand on your existing knowledge, with further use of complex microeconomic models, such as monopoly and oligopoly. You will look at the decisions that individual governments make about the domestic economy. For example, the level of inflation and employment and how to tackle environmental concerns. This can then be extended into other concepts like globalization, development economics and international trade.

A-level Economics creates the knowledge and skills needed to understand and analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions.

There are many websites where you can discover more about the subject; for example:

Why study economics?

Why study business or economics A level?

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Featured Tutor: David

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As a young man I was awarded three degrees in three different subjects. Having graduated in Sociology at the University of Sussex, I trained as a chartered town planner at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning at University College London and was awarded the RTPI prize for the year. Subsequently, I was offered a …

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I have been a tutor since 1999 and have significant teaching experience in primary, compulsory, further and higher education (i.e. Early Years through to A Levels). My main teaching areas are – Maths, English (including phonics and literacy), SATS, Computing, Spanish, EAL, TEFL, ESP and Functional Skills. I work as an Associate Tutor at the …

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I am a graduate of History at UCL and then also completed a Masters in Social Policy at LSE. I believe greatly in the statement that Nelson Mandela famously stated that, ‘education is the key to empower the world’. This shows the importance of education. I believe that without a good education life chances suffer. …