Adult Education

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Adult Learning (Learning for Leisure) Enquire

Adults may be interested in re-entering the world of education for any number of reasons:

  • Improve your spoken and/or written English.
  • Improve your maths and numeracy skills.
  • Gain new knowledge to keep your mind active and intellectually fit!
  • Learn new skills to help you get on at work and/or to improve your career prospects.
  • Learn (or improve) a foreign language, for your next holiday, or that new life abroad.
  • Learn to play (or improve) a musical instrument.
  • Improve your study skills for that OU course you are thinking about doing.
  • Learn new skills just for the pleasure of learning.
  • Or learn for any reason you fancy!

Our tutors are very sympathetic and keen to support adults who are returning to learning.

Having a one-to-one private tutor will mean the sessions will be tailored to your precise learning needs and that will enable you to achieve good results in a short time.

For further information or to enquire about personal tuition please complete our Find a Tutor Enquiry Form to provide us with all the initial details required, or feel free to call on 0800 862 0603