Top Ten Study Tips


Top Ten Study Skills Tips

1. Set your own targets: you know what you want to achieve and what your personal priorities are.

2. Create a realistic timetable so you feel on top of your work and in control. Planning your study time in advance will ensure you spend the appropriate amount of time on each task.

3. Allow a generous amount of time for tasks: some may take longer than you think and it is always useful to have some time to review completed work and identify which topics you may need to revisit.

4. Chunk information to make it manageable. It will be easier to get started if you can focus on one section of work rather than be overwhelmed by a whole module. An easy task will serve as a good warm up activity.

5. Plan to tackle harder work at times when you know you will work well; perhaps at weekends or early in the morning. Save easier tasks for when you have a shorter study period or are likely to be tired.

6. Make sure your working environment is comfortable, without distractions, at a suitable temperature, well ventilated and with all necessary refreshment and equipment to hand.

7. Be disciplined: stick to your timetable, do not allow yourself to be diverted. Turn off your mobile and the television.

8. Build regular breaks and rewards into your schedule to keep yourself motivated.

9. Try to work out information you don’t understand, but always ask for help if you need it.

10. Make sure you have enough sleep and exercise to keep yourself healthy.

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