Tutor Subject: Business Studies

Aims and objectives

Specifications in business must include coherent and rigorous content. They should enable students to understand more about the business world. They should enable students to develop as commercially minded and enterprising individuals who think critically, drawing on business information and evidence to develop arguments and make justified decisions. Specifications in business should motivate and challenge students, and prepare them to make informed decisions about further study and career pathways.

Specifications in business should enable students to:
  • know and understand business concepts, business terminology, business objectives, the integrated nature of business activity and the impact of business on individuals and wider society
  • apply knowledge and understanding to contemporary business issues and to different types and sizes of businesses in local, national and global contexts
  • develop as enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen, and draw on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems
  • develop as effective and independent students, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds
  • use an enquiring, critical approach to make informed judgements
  • investigate and analyse real business opportunities and issues to construct well – argued, well -evidenced, balanced and structured arguments, demonstrating their depth and breadth of understanding of business
  • develop and apply quantitative skills relevant to business, including using and interpreting data
Featured tutor Tuval, tutor number TTT763

Featured Tutor: Tuval

Location: Skype tuition only

As a father to three children, all at different stages of their academic lives (A-level, GCSE and primary students respectively) I understand the pressure and frustration parents can face when their children are in need of academic assistance and we parents lacking the knowledge, ability, patience or even sometimes the will and energy to help …

Featured tutor Louise, tutor number TUT670

Featured Tutor: Louise

Location: Norwich and also offers Skype tuition

I have been a tutor since 1999 and have significant teaching experience in primary, compulsory, further and higher education (i.e. Early Years through to A Levels). My main teaching areas are – Maths, English (including phonics and literacy), SATS, Computing, Spanish, EAL, TEFL, ESP and Functional Skills. I work as an Associate Tutor at the …

Featured tutor Jack, tutor number TTT870

Featured Tutor: Jack

Location: Skype tuition only

I have recently graduated with a First-Class honours degree from the University of Nottingham Business school. I am an enthusiastic and confident individual with great interpersonal skills looking to inspire the next generation of students. I offer Economics and/or business tutoring to all ages and abilities and have good experience in this field, currently tutoring …

Featured tutor Zainab, tutor number TTT773

Featured Tutor: Zainab

Location: Skype tuition only

I believe that each student has the potential to succeed and I work with students to build their confidence, understanding and to develop their applicative and analytical skills. This process accelerates and cements their critical learning which is a fundamental pillar of assessment success. My 18 years of experience teaching and assessing at ‘A’ level, …

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