Tutor Subject: Government & Politics

Government & Politics: The purpose of studying Government and Politics is to gain not only an insight into the machinery of government but also to develop an objective view of politics.

This means putting one’s own views to one side. It also means developing the skill of providing evidence for one’s statements.

The origins of studying this subject in the UK go back, arguably to the late 19th century and the period just prior to The Suffragettes. Before this Parliament was class centred, male-dominated and although Politics existed as a subject, it may have been taught in a narrow way. It needs to be remembered however that The Romans were capable of taking an objective view of their proceedings, 3,000 years ago. A degree in Politics will enable students to take up law, accountancy, teaching, careers in the police, local government, management or politics itself.

Skills used in studying this subject and required are strong analytical skills, objectivity, imagination is required to be able to envisage how and why events unfold as they do. If you are considering studying Government and Politics at university, possible A-level choices might include History, English, Government and Politics and any other subject which may involve a focus on citizenship, law or society. Sociology for example. To get the best from this subject a genuine interest in it is essential.

You might also want to consider studying Law with Government and Politics, which you can read about at: The UCAS website Law with Government and Politics with Foundation Year.

Or for help with making you’re a Level choices you might like to have a look at: The UCAS website, where they offer guidance on choosing you’re a Levels.

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Featured Tutor: Sam

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Sam lives in Brundall and currently works as a supply teacher within Norfolk Schools. Sam has been registered with Norfolk Tutors, as one of our approved tutors, since October 2006. Sam obtained BA Sociology with Politics from Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge in 2004.

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I am a Cambridge History graduate with several years tutoring experience. I have worked with clients towards GCSE and A Level History examinations across a number of syllabuses. I am passionate about working with students of all abilities towards achieving their full academic potential: whether that be specifically with regard to exam preparation or with …