Tutor Subject: Statistics

Featured tutor Sheila, tutor number TUT679

Featured Tutor: Sheila

Subjects: Maths Statistics
Location: Swaffham, Necton and also offers Skype tuition

I have taught Maths and Statistics for over twenty years in a variety of schools and colleges, both state and independent secondary schools. I have taught both Foundation and Higher level GCSE classes and tutees. I have previously worked in Adult Education and with Dyslexic and Dyscalculic pupils. I have previous tutoring experience working in …

Featured tutor John, tutor number TUT268

Featured Tutor: John

Location: Lowestoft and also offers Skype tuition

I studied a variety of subjects at university, includingEnglish, Psychology, European History and Statistics. I’m known for being a calm and patient tutor, able to teach material in the way that best suits the student I’m working with. I have over seven years of experience as a tutor in the United Kingdom and Canada, helping …

Featured tutor Jon, tutor number 936

Featured Tutor: Jon

Subjects: Statistics Maths
Location: Brooke and also offers Skype tuition

I have been tutoring Mathematics to all levels for 20 years, with 100% success. All students that I have tutored have either met or exceeded their school and personal targets. I have an in depth knowledge of the Maths curriculum, both new and old, and can work to your exact needs.

Featured tutor Richard, tutor number 175

Featured Tutor: Richard

Location: Dereham, Hockering and also offers Skype tuition

Richard has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London. Richard is a Chartered Engineer (now retired) and has been working with Norfolk Tutors since March 1987. Richard has had excellent feedback from his client, and this is because he always goes the extra mile for his students. We highly recommend Richard to students …

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Statistics Tutors

In addition to the featured tutors, we have more tutors who teach this subject. Here is the full range of levels we can offer:

GCSEKS4 – Upper secondary
A-levelKS5 – Sixth Form